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The Consequences Of Dying Without A Last Will & Testament.

Death is one of life’s most difficult challenges. Although it is certain that one day we will all take this journey, most people fail to prepare for the trip. Historically, we focus solely on the spiritual world and not on the impact that our passing may have on the people, places and things that we have left behind in the physical world. More often than not, an instance of death can bring about quarreling, massive amounts of debt and absolute chaos. Surely the death happened, but what happens afterwards? Who gets what and how much? What should happen to the car or the house? What about Mom and Dad’s savings account? What now? Surely there are answers to each of these questions, but how can one answer them when their loved one is no longer along for the ride? The answer is…they can’t. The phrase “dead people can’t talk” is a bit harsh, but true nonetheless. The only way to speak from your grave is by establishing a course of action (WHILE YOU’RE ALIVE) that is explicit enough to leave zero room for misinterpretation. What if your death was a gift instead of a curse? Surely, it would be devastating to lose you, but even more disturbing to have to argue with family and friends about material possessions while grieving at the same time. That would really hurt! The only way for you to cut down on confusion and bring about clarity in a moment of despair is to draw up a will. Don’t make yourself susceptible to the consequences of dying without a will.

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